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EMSlim Body Sculpting
(body shaping with magnetic waves)

EMSlim is a unique method to tighten the buttocks without surgery or to remove annoying fat deposits on the hips and abdomen non-invasively. During an EMSlim treatment, around 16% muscle is built up and around 19% fat is lost in the same process. The treatment helps in the long term to a toned and fit body image. 

Is a treatment painful?

Treatment with the EMSlim Nova device is not associated with pain. Muscle vibrations are created with two plates, which can be a little unusual in the first session. But you get used to it quickly and after a few minutes you even feel the movement as pleasant and calming.

When can results be seen?

For an effective result of EMSlim Nova treatment, four sessions at intervals of two to three days are usually necessary — at least 48 hours must be in between. Just four to six weeks after the last session, you can look forward to the effect of the treatment, which will only increase over the next few weeks.


What are the benefits of this type of treatment?

In contrast to surgical body lifting, EMSlim is neither associated with downtimes nor with anesthesia risks . By using the innovative applicator, no cuts are necessary, so there are no scars. The treatment does not require any specific preparation or follow-up. 

Benefits of EMSlim:


Non-Surgical Muscle Sculpting

The EMSlimPRO® high intensity pulsed electromagnetic stimulation offers a continuous contraction. This contraction does not involve muscle relaxation and the muscle works at its maximum capacity. These extreme contraction conditions require the muscle to adapt and develop muscular mass over the treated area and burn fat in the background.


Results You Can See 

EMSlim results are similar to the results of months of time spent at the gym building muscle and losing fat. Many people will notice results within the 2 to 6 weeks following treatment and they will continue to improve in the months following. A positive lifestyle of proper food intake and exercise with help maintain the effect.


How does EMSlim Work:



Muscle Building

The Intensive supra-maximal contractions stimulate the react of the muscles. The energy reconstructs internal structure, causing the regrowth of muscle cells, the creation of protein, and muscle fiber chains. This procedure leads the results in higher density and muscle volume.

FAT Removal

The muscle-building improve the epinephrine release, which brings an obvious effect that leads to supra-maximal lipolysis in fat cells.

Circulation of lymphatic improvement

The electro magnetic waves stimulate the hemoglobin, increases blood flow, lymphatic circulation. The procedure increases that dead fat cells are eliminated naturally.

Helps with Diastasis recti

A condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate.

Diastasis recti is common in women who are over 35, deliver a high birth weight baby, or have a multiple pregnancy. It's usually most noticeable right after delivery. It also occurs in middle aged and older men with abdominal obesity.

Suitable for treatment on...




Love Handles

Lower Back




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